About Us

Rebuild your skin

RedLITE provides preventative methods of ageing and other damaging skin conditions to rebuild
your skin:

1) Easy to find the right products for YOU

Expert advice. Every person has unique attributes and diets which contribute to problematic
skin. Our in-house experts help you choose the right product.

Fast delivery. The majority of orders made before 4pm are dispatched on the same day.

Family-style customer service. RedLITE is a family business, founded by Joanne Baum in 1996.
A highly trained laser technician & colonic therapist, avid yoga practitioner and all-round beauty
enthusiast, Joanne continues to run the company with her two sons.

2) We specialise in cosmeceuticals

Cosmeceutical products have proven tested results showing that they treat a problem rather
than mask it. We're 100% focused on problem-solving solutions.

As it has been since the beginning, RedLITE’s focus is on you and your beauty goals.