Fight Free Radicals

Nourish your skin from within & prevent environmental damage.

Skin is your biggest organ and everything that is applied topically either skincare or just the environment you're
in can and will change it condition. Free radicals are rife in our lifestyles, these are unstable molecules that change
the way our skin looks, feels & acts. They can be found everywhere; pollution, air-conditioning, sun exposure,
smoking, diet & exercise etc. It is well established that premature ageing is a result of free radical damage.
However there are a range of products that contain antioxidants that can fight this change.

Free radical damage are impaired and unstable cells, that are seeking to balance themselves. Vitamin C and
Vitamin E are thought to protect the body by providing that balance. They act as scavengers that help to prevent
cell and tissue damage, they are formulated to repair dry, pigmented, lacklustre, wrinkled skin.

In order to ward off these environmental damages in the long term the use of a high quality (not necessarily high
factor) sun protection is vital to help protect damage to skin. More than any other factor sun damage causes the
most amount of damage to our skin, regular application of a sun protection even during the winter months will
prolong youthful looking skin.

Second to the sun damage diet & exercise are a key part of your skins appearance. It is always promoted to eat
large quantities of fruit and especially vegetables but sadly todays farming and storing methods often leave little
usable vitamins and therefore additional supplements are now essential for good skin health with formulations
specifically designed for skin.

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